Easter Egg Hunt 11-04-2019 A community project of the Rotary Club Windhoek
As he has done for several years in a row, the event on Thursday afternoon was again organized by a past president of the club, Eckart von Oehsen. Eckart was ably assisted by his wife Petra, other Rotarians and partners, and the staff of various organizations who operate from the Oponganda Centre in Grysblok, which includes the Oponganda Community Kindergarten . The youngsters had great fun searching for hidden token in the shape of an egg and on finding one (sometimes with a little help of the older ones) where rewarded with an Easter egg package. Later the youngsters were treated to refreshments, all lovingly prepared by the Easter Bunny-in-Chief, Eckart and his merry band of helpers. A fun time was had by all at this great community service project of RCW.
Oponganda Pre-Primary & Daycare