School Fees Structure and Policy

General Information

Fees collected at The Oponganda Pre-Primary & DayCare are used for the following purposes which are aligned to the Vision and Mission of the school to:

Provide motivated and trained teaching,

Provide essential resources, materials, facilities, and equipment.

Provide a well-run administration School building program.

Maintain the buildings, grounds, and other facilities.

Provide parents support where needed.

Important Rules and Regulations

The school fees are charged yearly divided by 10 instalments during the year.

Please find more details in the school fee schedule below.

Fees are due to be paid during the first 3 (three) days of each month. The school does not send out invoices,

and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the payment schedule and always adhere to it.

Payments may only be done through EFT.

Direct payments to individual teachers are prohibited. Any non-compliance will result in the immediate

exclusion of the child from our school.

Where a parent/guardian believes financial circumstances have arisen that will prevent or delay the payment

of the school fee account, the school administrator must be informed prior to the due date.

If an extension is required, the late payment must be done at the latest one month after due date.

No school reports will be provided if school fees are outstanding.

Once the child has been accepted at the school, a registration fee of N$ 300,00 (three hundred) is payable and

becomes non-refundable.

The registration fee will be deducted from the final school fee payment, provided the child stays a minimum

of 1 (one) school year at the school.

If you remove your child from the school programme part way through a school year you must give

1 month notice or payment in lieu.

School fees must be paid even when the child is absent for a longer period, e.g., family visits during holidays,

in order to secure the child’s place.

Extended care/Late Fees

The latest possible pick-up time is 17.30 hours, and all parents are kindly requested to adhere to this time.

Should you arrive later than 17.30 hours we will charge you with a late fee of N$ 75,00. This amount must be

paid in cash to the school administrator at the latest the next day.

Payments can be made per EFT only to:

Oponganda Pre-Primary and Day Care

Bank Windhoek

Main Branch code 481-972

Account Number 8015 236 506

Description: your child’s name and reference Number

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Oponganda Pre-Primary & Daycare
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